Why this blog

My life-long study of the Bible has convinced me that it is the most exciting book ever written. I would like to share what I’ve found. I would like to help you understand, in simple terms, its historical and cultural settings. I want to show you the fascinating human drama and inspiring big-picture story of the Bible. Most of all, I want to share some tools to help you apply the Bible to your own life. As you get in touch with your deepest longings, I hope you will discover how God can meet them.

A Comment about the Bible Translation Used

To have the text immediately available I am including it with each section of commentary. The translation used is that of the Net Bible, It is a high quality and modern translation with many extensive translators’ notes for the benefit of students who want to go deeper. (They are not included here but can be found with the translations on their website.) Their copyright statement says that any or all of the translation may be used freely both online and in hard copy as long as no one is charged for its use or for any document that incorporates any part of it. In that spirit it is included with this commentary.